Linda Foy grew up in Miami during the age of disco, Castro, and cocaine. Despite these disparate and urban origins, nature and color have shaped her art and music.

She attended Berklee College of Music for two years, followed by a change in artistic focus, culminating in graduation from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in the practice of art. Her most beloved instructors were Joan Brown and Elmer Bischoff, both of the Bay Area Figurative Art School. Under their benevolent guidance, she found acceptance and encouragement for her source material as well as her style; one characterized by the immediacy and warmth of abstract expressionism.

Post-degree, she continued at the University as an employee of the University Library, working for the Humanties/Social Sciences Libraries, while continuing her music and art. Eventually, her love of nature won out, and she moved to Twin Bridges, Montana in late 1993, where she still resides today.

Her love of the land, sky, and animals have shaped her work. Between working as a fishing guide, property caretaker, and chef, and journeys to more urbane locales, she has created two music cds and a small body of paintings, mostly held in private collections. Both her visual and auditory art reflect her environment, with a deeply personal and embracing love of living in nature.

Her paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas and are characterized by bright, bold colors and a sense of joy. Her music reflects the openness of her surroundings, as well as global influences from her wide-ranging travels abroad, or as Montanans like to say: the world “after you close the gate.”


Linda Foy’s music may be purchased on iTunes, and Click on the music page of this website to learn more and listen.

She also writes a food blog, which is found here: