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Big Sky Dreams

Like Nothing Else


Tall Grass

Big Sky Dreams is an album influenced by the remoteness and otherworldliness of the place where it came from – Montana.
From the nervous, excited breakbeats of “Tall Grass” to the beautifully elegiac “Listen To My Heart”, this is a record that captures both its creator’s personality and the soul of the country she lives in.
 But Foy’s influences extend way beyond the horizon of the Big Sky. Having grown up in Miami and spent time across the pond in London, her musical journey has taken many a twist and turn over the three decades in which she has been writing and performing her songs.

And these twists and turns can be heard throughout the ever-changing landscape of Big Sky Dreams. Whether it’s the electronic influence of Europe, or the Brazilian percussion in “A Praia” (that conjures up Copacabana beach and caipirinhas), what’s clear is this is the music of a traveling soul. Not only that, but one who absorbs the sights, sounds and smells of her stopping-off points.

Written, produced and recorded entirely by Foy, Big Sky Dreams retains that DIY attitude of so many of the great recordings of our time. The production is tight, interesting and surprising but never feels overdone. The electronic elements never overpower the message of the songs, yet add an ethereal, almost cinematic, feel to the album.

 Coming a decade after her first release – the fusion album Amazon Calling – this is the sound of a singer and a songwriter whose experience has enriched her craft. Big Sky Dreams is almost impossible to classify. But one listen and you will be transported to the mountains and valleys of the northwest, even if it is via the playas of Miami and the London Underground.
It’s quite a journey.



Amazon Calling. Released 2000. A sound journey into the Amazon…and beyond.

“The songs are swirling mix of EXOTIC influences in a sonically fascinating album…reminds me of Paul Simon’s Graceland album but with more interesting sonic production. Amazing….”

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Amazon Calling

Linda Foy is a jazz singer/songwriter inspired by the brightly colored musical landscapes of the South American rain forest and urban Brazil…as well as the vast blue openness of Montana where she currently resides. This CD reads like a travel log of Linda’s life up to now, her own internal landscapes, and her obvious love of multicultural musical styles. Her voice imparts coolness, seriousness, and playfulness in her original songs, as well as in her interpretations of jazz classics, like the beautifully rendered bittersweet ballad Lush Life. This cd is full of interesting rhythms and unusual song forms with some great playing by her band, including the always inspired Bob Moses on drums and percussion.